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Agency managed properties by Jigsaw Support

Jigsaw Support has its own housing and property management service, with a portfolio of agency managed properties spread across Greater Manchester sourced from a variety of registered providers and private landlords. Agency Managed accommodation is a portfolio of 119 properties which includes 407 tenancies, supported by 35  different agencies in eight Local Authority areas.

Having this portfolio allows us to continue to offer support to vulnerable customers when there is a shortage of social housing. These properties have a higher level of support than that available in general needs housing. And these costs are met through service charges – where applicable.

Managing these properties gives us access to move on accommodation from supported housing, making allocation decisions. Ensuring that people with support needs, or those who may not otherwise be able to access housing, can have a stable home and rebuild a more positive tenancy history.

Through this service, we aim to:

  • Provide high-quality housing and property management services.
  • Source and manage and maintain properties to a high standard.
  • Enable access to housing as part of a pathway for clients leaving supported accommodation services.
  • Open access to the private rented market
  • Develop an income stream that we can use to support additional customers.

The role of Jigsaw Support as a landlord is to ensure compliance with the terms detailed in the agreements, and emphasis is placed on health & safety, housing management duties and responsibilities, maintenance and financial obligations.

A number of the properties have been specially adapted with rising and fall baths, hoisting equipment, wide doorways, water temperature control valves, ramped access to assist the 24-hour staff in providing for the everyday personal needs of the residents.

If you want to know more about the agency managed properties, contact or call 0300 111 1212.

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