Reubens Court Transfers to Jigsaw Support

Reubens Court Transfers to Jigsaw Support

Reubens Court supported accommodation in Leigh has transferred over to Jigsaw Support, as of 01 August 2022.

The accommodation is now run by Jigsaw Support, which provides a range of support and services, as well as agency-managed properties, following the transfer from Making Space.

It will be responsible for delivering support services to Reubens Court residents through a contract with service commissioner Wigan Council.

Reubens Court, which consists of 14 one-bedroom flats with a communal lounge, was already part of Jigsaw Homes’ agency managed portfolio, with support provided by external partner Making Space.

In light of the transfer, Jigsaw Support will continue to work with those aged 18 and over with individual requirements, alongside helping residents move into permanent accommodation in line with recommended support.

All existing staff members from Making Space have been brought over to Jigsaw Support and there are no planned changes to the delivery of the service other than alignment with Jigsaw’s systems.

Donna Kelly, Group Director of Support and Neighbourhoods at Jigsaw Homes Group said: “It is exciting to start a new chapter and bring Reubens Court into the hands of Jigsaw Support. We welcome colleagues from Making Space who will be joining the team and I am looking forward to working together so we can continue to deliver the best service possible for our residents.”

Jo Willmott, director for homes and communities at Wigan Council, added: “We’re pleased to be working with Jigsaw Support to deliver the services on offer at Reubens Court.

“This is a really important service which will help us to meet the needs of local people, allowing individuals to move forward positively with the support they require.”