Jigsaw Support Celebrates Three Years of GMHF

Jigsaw Support Celebrates Three Years of GMHF

Colleagues from the Jigsaw Support team joined others from Greater Manchester Housing First ‘Zone C’ and other partners across GMCA to celebrate the successful completion of the first three years of the GMHF pilot.

The pilot aims to help people with complex needs or those who are dealing with homelessness and it has already housed over 400 people throughout Greater Manchester since its creation.

The event was held at the beautifully restored Gorton Monastery in Manchester on Friday and was hosted by the Commissioning Partners of the Pilot, Greater Manchester Housing First.

Speakers included Emily Cole of GM Housing First, Esme Davis of GMCA and Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester.

Andy Burnham praised the work of each Housing First team and reiterated his support for the principles of the Housing First model – everyone has the right to a home.

Fiona Oakes, Jigsaw’s Housing First Worker said: “The event gave our team the opportunity to reflect on the success of the pilot. We are looking forward to using lessons learned in planning for the next phase.