Stockport TPA releases its Impact Report 2020-2021

Stockport TPA releases its Impact Report 2020-2021

Stockport TPA has released its Impact Report 2020-2021, providing a detailed insight into the impact they have had on their customer’s lives throughout the pandemic.

The Prevention Alliance (or TPA) is made up of six of organisations working in partnership including Jigsaw Support, Age UK Stockport, Talk Listen Change, NACRO, Stockport Homes, and Synergy. They work together to provide a range of support services to improve the independence and long term health and wellbeing of people and families in Stockport.

Their latest impact report covers all aspects of The Prevention Alliance’s offer, highlighting their key achievements throughout 2020 and 2021, as show through case studies, statistics and real life stories.

Click here to download a copy of the Stockport TPA Impact Report 2020-2021.

The services Stockport TPA provides include preventing social isolation, supporting victims of domestic abuse, advice around mental health, working with the deaf community, family support, and digital literacy. Their commitment to collaborative working allows teams from the six delivery partners to work together to share knowledge and enrich the TPA’s combined offer.

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