The Prevention Alliance

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The Prevention Alliance (TPA)

TPA is the largest of six preventative services commissioned in 2015 by Stockport Council. Its primary objectives are:

  • To divert demand from higher cost statutory services.
  • Reduce the delay for support provision.
  • Make a significant contribution to the delivery of an integrated health and social care system through Stockport Together.

TPA has developed a clear direction and purpose. It’s mission is:

  • To create change together – through the strengths of people and communities.

Its vision is:

  • Take a strengths based approach – throughout Stockport and beyond.

A ‘strengths based’ approach concentrates on what is ‘strong’ and what is ‘important’ to the person – rather than dwelling on what is wrong. It can provide a positive focus and help people to take control of the life they want to live.

Having developed their own unique, person-led, strengths-based model – TPA can help their clients to improve their health, well-being, independence and resilience. For more information, contact or visit

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