Co-production in GM Housing First (Video)

Co-production in GM Housing First (Video)

Jigsaw Support is heavily involved in Greater Manchester’s Housing First pilot, GM Housing First as delivery partners for Tameside and Stockport.

Much like Jigsaw Support’s own flagship Housing First projects, part of what makes GM Housing First’s delivery unique is its commitment to co-production.

People with lived experience are involved in every part of the pilot – everything from helping to recruit staff to helping to shape policy.

The co-production efforts are led by Matt Kidd from Creative Inclusions, who have worked closely with the team to ensure the correct voices are being heard.

Matt was interviewed about his experiences of co-production by GM Housing First, which you can watch below to gain a greater understanding of how Matt and the rest of the panel have helped shaped the project.

The co-production panel have been working hard to ensure the service is fit for purpose and have provided invaluable insight into the direction we should head, both as the pilot was being set up and as it progresses.

And tailoring the service to the needs of the individual is what differentiates the Housing First philosophy from traditional models.