Jigsaw Support provides Inside Out tenancy starter packs

Jigsaw Support provides Inside Out tenancy starter packs

Jigsaw Support has been working with Oldham Council to continue the ‘Inside Out’ initiative, which has been extended through DEFRA COVID-19 relief funding.

Through the initiative, Jigsaw Support is supplying and delivering tenancy starter packs to our residents. The service took its first orders on 8 March and to date has successfully delivered over 50 packs to single people and families moving into permanent tenancies during the pandemic.

A basic starter pack contains essentials for people who are setting up home for the first time. This includes things such as a kettle, toaster, crockery, cutlery, utensils, quilts and bedding sets and towels as well as a COVID-19 hygiene pack.

Such starter packs can be life-saving for people fleeing domestic violence, who often have to leave home with only what they can carry and start a new life in a new property.

This provision has made a huge difference for one Oldham family who recently moved from the refuge into one of our Jigsaw Living properties. “It’s made a massive difference and meant that I could make tea for my kids and myself on our first day, otherwise we would have had nothing to cook food in. It’s been a really big help”.

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