Tameside Women and their Families Centre

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Tameside Women and their Families Centre

Tameside Women and Their Families Service focuses on supporting women and their families who are seeking support for the following:

The service also contributes to reducing re-offending, ensuring offenders complete their community orders and licenses.

The overall aim is to develop better health and wellbeing for women and their families in the Tameside borough.

Interactive and engaging sessions based on the needs of our customers

We work with local partners to provide a varied programme of sessions for our clients, including:

  • Childbirth and parenting
  • Personal development and employment
  • Surviving and recovering from domestic abuse
  • Dealing with mental health issues
  • Alcohol and substance misuse
  • Struggling with life challenges
  • Physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Debt, housing and finances
Coronavirus support

While Tameside Women & Their Families centre is closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, we will be posting helpful information and resources here.

Wellbeing at home welcome pack

This pack contains helpful advice on staying physically and mentally healthy during self-isolation. There are activities such as breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques, games for children and physical activities.

Click here to download


Tameside Early Attachment Service

Advice from Tameside’s Early Attachment Service (part of NHS Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care) for new parents ‘Nurturing early relationships.

Click here to download


Healthy Minds

Help and advice around mental health.

Visit their website https://www.penninecare.nhs.uk/healthymindstameside or call 0161 716 4242


Off the Record

Free counselling for young people in Tameside.

Visit their website www.otr-tameside.org or call 0161 355 3553


Anthony Seddon 

Supporting mental wellbeing in Tameside. Note that their offices are closed now, but they offer advice via phone and email.

Visit their website https://tasfund.org.uk/ or call 0161 376 4439


SafeLives – Staying safe during COVID-19 planning guide for victims and survivors of DV.

SafeLives have put together a helpful guide to staying safe during isolation for victims and survivors of domestic abuse. It includes advice on safety planning, self-care, support from friends and family and useful contact numbers. Click the link below to download.

Safety planning guide, victims and survivors, COVID-19


Resources for children

Here are some links you may find useful if you are looking for ways to explain the coronavirus pandemic to children.

https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/02/28/809580453/just-for-kids-a-comic-exploring-the-new-coronavirus?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=this downloadable comic&utm_campaign=Weekly-03-03-20&t=1583271654945





Oxford Parent Infant Project – Ideas for parents to take emotional care of themselves, babies and toddlers during the COVID-19 outbreak

This resource from the Oxford PIP gives helpful advice for parents of babies and young children on maintaining emotional wellbeing. Click the link below to download.

Oxford PIP Resource

Pennine Care COVID-19 Sleep Hygiene

This resource from NHS Pennine care gives useful tips on getting good rest and staying energised during self-isolation and social distancing.

Covid-19 Sleep Hygiene


Hidden Harm

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Hidden Harm parents’ group in partnership with the Change Grow Live Branching Out Tameside.

Together we have developed a six-week programme for parents to attend. The aim is to form a safe support network for our parents to constructively talk about the effects their substance use has had on their children.

The programme will also aim to educate the parent and help them see things from their child’s perspective, thus broadening their understanding In this challenging area. We feel this will benefit the whole family network and open up support pathways for the parent and child as a collective.

If you feel this would benefit one of your service users, please complete the referral form or contact us directly on

WomensCentre@jigsawhomes.org.uk or telephone 0161 331 2211

Referral Form

Who is eligible?

Women in Tameside who need additional support with health, wellbeing, substance use, offending and other additional needs.

How to refer

Customers can self-refer, and we also accept referrals from local domestic abuse services, social care, probation and other partner agencies.

Contact details:

Email: womenscentre@jigsawhomes.org.uk

Tel: 0161 331 2211.

Visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Tamesidewomencentre/

Case study

Tameside Women and their Families Centre supports a woman who has suffered 30 years of domestic abuse.  She suffered depression, anxiety, PTSD and had a substance abuse issue. Initially, she was very reluctant to engage. She was embarrassed about her situation and felt very nervous at the thought of talking about her experiences. With a lot of encouragement and reassurance, she agreed to join our“ Life after violence and abuse group” and our RAPS group.

Despite her initial hesitations, she has been attending every group session, and as a result, she has made significant steps in her recovery. She is now abstinent from alcohol and is living independently. She is currently getting her finances under control and going through the legal process of selling her marital home. Her relationship with her two adult sons is also improving.


Despite the stresses in her life, her resilience continues to grow. Her engagement continues to be strong, and she is working well with services, including the women’s centre, Change Grow Live (CGL) and the neighbourhood mental health team. When speaking to her, she explains that both groups have been a lifeline, and without them, she doesn’t know where she would be. She explained how comforting she has found listening to the other ladies that have experienced similar things, and this is something that she has been able to draw strength from in times of need.

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