Help make a difference with homelessness in Wigan & Leigh

10 October 2018 marks the World Homeless Day.  Today people around the world will in many ways try and change the lives of homeless people in their local community.

To demonstrate our support, Jigsaw Group has teamed up with other businesses, local charities and voluntary groups as part of Real Change Wigan & Leigh.

Real Change Wigan & Leigh is a campaign officially launching today and aims to raise funds from business and the public to support people in our local area experiencing homelessness. The funds generated will pay for items which directly help people to move away from the streets or avoid homelessness: things like a deposit for a home, a training course, or clothes for a job interview.

People affected by homelessness can apply through any of the partners for specific items. Items under £100 can be approved immediately, otherwise an independent panel will review applications within 48 hours.

We believe Real Change is the most effective way to help the increasing numbers of people you see in the streets. Your money goes into one big pot with other donations so it can go further, and is backed up by the additional support provided by charities and voluntary groups involved.

To find out more about the campaigns and the many ways you can help, please visit the website at, or searching #RealChangeWL on social media.

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