Tameside Housing Advice

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Tameside Housing Advice

Tameside Housing Advice is the statutory homeless service being delivered by Jigsaw Support on behalf of Tameside Borough Council.  The group has been delivering the service since 2000 and  delivers all the statutory functions in relation to homeless legislation with the exception of  homeless reviews.

This involves the assessment of applications from applicants who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  The assessment will include the reason why they are homeless or at risk of homelessness, housing need of the applicant and the applicant’s household and  identify support needs to assist in maintaining current accommodation or a move to a new home.

Following the assessment, should there be a duty to provide interim temporary accommodation, the service will place into the temporary accommodation provided the Tameside Borough Council. THA will continue to work with the household to discharge any homeless duties owed by the local authority.

The main objective is to prevent homelessness wherever possible using various options available to the household based on their circumstances to avoid placement into temporary accommodation.

In addition to the statutory homeless service, THA also deliver the Tameside Housing Register on behalf of the Tameside Council. This service involves the administrating of housing applications and the management of nominations from social providers who are part of the Tameside nomination agreement.

Both THA and Housing Register complement each other due to the nature of the service and objectives both services are trying to achieve.  To find out more visit http://www.tamesidehousingadvice.org

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