Great Moves women’s service

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Great Moves women's service

Great Moves Women’s Services provides refuge, intensive support and move on accommodation for women with complex needs.

  • Fleeing domestic violence.
  • Escaping honour based violence.
  • Who are homeless.
  • Who have complex needs.
  • Who need/prefer a women only service.
  • For whom other services would be unsuitable.

The service provides supported accommodation for women with or without dependent children including:

  • Refuge for 17 women with or without children.
  • Eight units of second stage move on accommodation comprising of two double rooms and six one bed flats.

Women in need of support are often experiencing a combination of issues.

These include homelessness, domestic abuse, offending, drug and alcohol misuse poor mental health and barriers that can prevent re-housing such as former tenant arrears.  The service is as diverse as the issues it covers. The support provided can help women and their children recover from the trauma caused by violent relationships, so that they can move forward and live safe, sustainable lives, anchored back into the local community.

The overarching aim of the service is to provide women with a safe place to live.

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