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Great Lives supported accommodation

Great Lives supported accommodation for those with challenging needs such as alcohol and drug use, offending behaviour, mental health and both perpetrators and victims of domestic abuse.  The service supports three stages of accommodation which include:

  • Supported housing with 24-hour support.
  • Self-contained one-bed flats with daytime support.
  • Self-contained one-bed flats with visiting support.

This service was commissioned to provide a high level of support to the most vulnerable people in the borough. This group of people typically return to services many times. This service, therefore, provides clients who have challenging needs with a safe place to live whilst in crisis and provide a person-centred service to enable them to anchor back into the local community. The commissioners want to reduce the demand for services by reducing the number of times people re-present as homeless and increasing the length of time before they re-present after leaving the service.

Aims of the service include sustainable planned move on, reducing re-offending, reducing repeat homelessness and addressing support needs to reduce barriers to rehousing.

The overarching objective is homelessness reduction. This Oldham-based accommodation service delivers intensive support to people with very complex needs, which typically include a combination of homelessness, offending, drug and alcohol and mental health issues.

The team is divided into caseworkers who provide ‘planned’ support.  We also have a team of customer service assistants available at each property to provide unplanned support.

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